i feel a bit better but i still need a nap me thinks…that or lay on the couch and watch bible conspiracy documentaries because holy week

He will no longer have someone to confuse with a janitor. :c

aww ikr also, taco jokes XD at least the school is at peace

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I’m sticking to Kelan. :3

the b*tch twin! XD

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i want every frame of this tattooed on my body and then i want it on my gravestone

the icecream

children in a nutshell


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The worst kind of writer’s block is the kind where you know what’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen and everything other single detail but for fuck’s sake, it won’t turn into words.

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Tell it, Randy.

Randy said fuck your bullshit

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okay but robbie amell for abbot


Taylor Kitsch, Lone Survivor press conference, NYC 2013

Apologies to anyone waiting to hear back from me-our ISP installed new routers and modems with their switchover and my email’s been a mess since then. We have someone working on it, so hopefully it’ll be cleared up and I’ll be able to answer everyone as soon as I possibly can when it’s fixed, so sorry about the delays and thanks for bearing with me here! :)

"Nick, love youself"

—anyone who has ever been friends with nick at some point honestly (via ppelicans)

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todd is like a puppy he can do the pep thingy

correction: is a puppy. sigh but yes they’ll read it together and celebrate with sex because he gets a score enough for columbia law yeah yeah

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